Practical Design Balances Aesthetics with Functionality

Beautiful, durable, well-designed and highly effective, perforated metal is a great choice for adding a new design element to any space.

Simply put, perforated metal is a sheet of metal with a series of holes punched in it. The holes vary in material type, shape, size, gauge, pattern and diameter. The hole diameters can range from a few thousandths of an inch to over 6 inches of punched-in material.

If you look around, you’ll likely be surprised at the amount of perforated metal you come across every day. It’s everywhere, from coverings on speakers to filters that help keep the air you breathe, clean. In addition to aiding essential functions, perforated material can help add a unique design element to interior spaces. This variety provides great versatility in achieving different styles, functions and benefits within an interior office or residential space.

Perforated material is great for aesthetics. It can enhance the look and feel within an interior environment, adding visual interest to any design. Whether used in decorative metal architecture products or to create a statement within an interior design, the possibilities are limitless. Round holes are most commonly used, but square holes, triangles, hexagons, slots and decorative patterns are used as well.

Going hand-in-hand with aesthetics, one of perforated metal’s most significant advantages is ensuring privacy and absorbing sound. This makes it an ideal choice for noise reduction when creating a pleasant work, retail or residential environment. The varied styles and shapes can serve to further deflect or otherwise manage noise.

Perforated metal also functions as an effective barrier for more than just sound, ensuring privacy and securing personal space.

It’s useful for a range of applications and can be used to cover, enclose, divide, decorate and even ventilate space, providing an environment that is welcoming and personal. Whether the intended function is purely for style, managing acoustical levels, or for privacy, perforated metal has an application to fit your design.

Another benefit with perforated metal is that it’s fully recyclable material. Since being green is important in today’s design landscape, with a high level of recycled content - sometimes as high as 100 percent perforated metal is a highly attractive option. This allows perforators to typically recycle all waste materials, while the finished product is fully recyclable as well. Its good for the environment and

its good for you. Furthermore, with its smooth surface, the material is easy to clean and doesn’t trap bacteria or microbes easily; ultimately keeping your air and environment cleaner.

Perforated metal also has a high level of design versatility. It is formable into complex and curved shapes for aesthetic purposes; it’s functional when creating privacy and it effectively screens light. It is lightweight and available in nearly unlimited perforation options. Perforated materials can take on almost any shape imaginable, with great strength and durability, enabling a creation that makes a statement with design. Not to mention, perforated metals provide a decorative divide to space, adding a unique element to any design.

In hospitals, offices, schools, airports, homes and countless other application opportunities, perforated metal is helping fulfill key functions while creating just the right environment. It is the perfect material for walls, floors, ceilings and stairways. Securing privacy, sound and security perforated material has it all with aesthetically pleasing results.

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