Erdle Perforating

Erdle has been at the forefront of perforating technology since the days of the industrial revolution. It started in Rochester, New York, in 1870, where Frederick Erdle built grain cleaning machinery. Because perforated metal screens, so essential to the new milling process to sort and aerate grain, were also needed to protect, conceal, and ventilate other equipment, Erdle founded a perforating company. He built presses to make the perforated metal he needed, and supplied perforated material to other manufacturers as well.

As new markets emerged, the requirements for perforated products changed. Tighter tolerances and improved aesthetics were achieved with new equipment, precision tooling and electronic servo controls.

Applications for perforated materials were developed in lighting, filtration, sound absorption, airflow diffusion, food processing, attenuation of EMI/RFI signals, ventilation of electronic devices, and security and architectural treatments.

Today, Erdle Perforating Company is registered to ISO 9002 standards. As a full service manufacturer, Erdle supplies perforated metals, plastics and paper to exacting specifications in coil, sheets, panels and custom fabricated products. Our products are used in over 40 different markets throughout the United States and Canada.