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IPA – Advancing the Many Advantages of Perforated Metal Materials

The Industrial Perforators Association is a group of North American industrial perforation companies with a shared mission: to perpetuate and increase the market for perforated metal materials. 

To meet this mission, IPA efforts include:

  • Promoting the proven benefits and boundless potential of perforated metals
  • Conducting and sharing application research
  • Handling trade inquiries and connecting relationships
  • Maintaining practical industry standards and tolerances

A Closer Look at Our Industrial Perforation Member Companies

The members of the IPA are highly specialized in working with perforated metal materials and advanced industrial perforation equipment. Regular Members must be:

  • Located in the United States, Canada or Mexico
  • Engaged in the manufacture of perforated materials
  • Have significant sales of perforated materials to manufacturers, distributors and other consumers of perforated material

International Members must be located outside of the area mentioned above while qualifying in all other activities. Supplier Associate Members are individuals, partnerships or corporations engaged in the manufacture and sale of products supplied to the perforating industry.         

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