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As the only North American organization devoted to the advancement of perforated metals, the IPA is committed to providing the most timely and relevant resources on these vital materials. 

In this knowledge center, you will discover a wealth of data, articles, images and technical resources that highlight the many benefits of these materials.


"Perf Handbook"


The Designers, Specifiers and Buyers Handbook of Perforated Metals Examines the properties, processes, uses and other key aspects of industrial perforation.

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The Formability II Handbook


Explores how to evaluate the capacity of a material to withstand the stretch/draw stresses of forming, a common process in the fabrication of perforated metals.

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The Acoustical Uses for Perforated Metals


Considers the absorptive and transparent properties of perforation.

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The Riverbank Handbook


Details the findings of acoustical tests on various perforated metals by the Riverbank Acoustical Library.

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Case Studies

Discover real-life examples of IPA members using perforated materials for sustainable applications.

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Water Purification – IP Playing a Vital Role in Managing Freshwater Resourcess.


LEED – How Perforated Metals Support Greener Buildings




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Other Resources

Design Concepts: Perfect Your Punch. Designing with perforated metal? Here's a handy guide in Appliance Design, with emphasis on how to accurately specify, the diverse functions of the material, design challenges, material selection, and new technologies. MORE »

Perforated Materials in High-Purity IAQ Applications. (PDF) This Engineered Systems case study of advanced HVAC systems provided by Flanders Corporation, a customer of an IPA member. MORE »

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Design. In Metal Architecture, IPA’s Bob Farber explores the differences between perforated metal, expanded metal and wire cloth. MORE »

Salt Spray Test Summary Review. When specifying the use of metal for archi- tectural applications designers have two primary choices, perforated metals or expanded metals. MORE »

Practical Design Balances Aesthetics with Functionality
Beautiful, durable, well-designed and highly effective, perforated metal is a great choice for adding a new design element to any space. MORE »

The Use of Perforated Materials Continues to Manage Acoustics in Open Environments
Perforated metal is an extremely versatile material. Always popular in spaces such as clean rooms and science labs, the trend is shifting to include aesthetic and acoustical uses, as well. MORE »

'Holistic' Support for Green Buildings
Compared to many other building materials, perforated metals offer a more sustainable building material option. MORE »

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