Acoustical Uses for Perforated Materials


The Acoustical Uses for Perforated Metals is an IPA publication developed as a handy resource covering the sound-abatement qualities of perforated materials for its member companies and their customers.

A copy of The Acoustical Uses for Perforated Metals Handbook is available as a PDF Download.



Review the Acoustical Uses for Perforated Metals Handbook

Part I: The Principles

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Matching the Sound Absorption to the Frequencies

Chapter 3:
The “Transparency” Approach

Chapter 4:
The Tuned Resonator Absorber Approach

Part II: The Applications

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Transparency Approach

Chapter 3:
Transparency Approach (Part II)

Chapter 4:
Transparency Approach (Part III)

Chapter 5:
Resonant Sound Absorbers

Chapter 6:
Resonant Sound Absorbers (Part II)

Chapter 7:
Resonant Sound Absorbers (Part III)

Chapter 8:
Resonant Sound Absorbers (Part IV)

Chapter 9:
Resonant Sound Absorbers (Part V)

Chapter 10:
Resonant Sound Absorbers (Part VI)

Chapter 11:
Practical Large Scale Applications

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