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Checklist of Ordering Perforated Metal

Ordering Checklist

1. Quantity - State the number of Perforated Pieces required.
2. Thickness - Specify in gage numbers or in decimal inches.
3. Material - State kind of material required.
4. Width & Length - Unless otherwise specified, the length will be the long dimension of sheet.
5. Perforation Size - Specify the size of perforation in inches.
6. Arrangement of Perforations - Specify "Staggered" or "Straight Line" or other patterns. Normally the straight row of a staggered pattern will run the long way of the sheet.
7. Spacing of Perforations - This can be specified as the distance between hole centers, the percent of Open Area or in the case of small holes, as the number of holes per square inch.
8. Margins - If margins are not important specify "minimum or no margins."
9. Other information - For slotted perforations- specify whether the long dimension of the slot is parallel to the long or short dimension of the sheet or plate.


NOTE: If ordering Perforated Screen Plates for Vibrating or Revolving Screening Equipment, ask your perforator for IPA bulletin #512.